Christmas and Easter Chasuble set

The Saint Bede Studio
As a new Liturgical Year begins, the Saint Bede Studio is pleased to offer for sale this  Festal chasuble set, suitable for use in the Seasons of Christmas and Easter.

This vestment is made from moirĂ© taffeta in a bright shade of white.  Being a combination of cotton and rayon, this chasuble is of medium weight and has excellent drapery.  It is certainly not flimsy.  

The chasuble is ornamented with a substantial column orphrey, front and back.  Please note that these columns are attached to the chasuble.  The orphreys are made from dupion silk in a light shade of gold matching the colours of one of the Studio's unique braids Saint Edmund.  Saint Edmund braid is directly based on a design of AWN Pugin.

The Saint Bede Studio

This set of vestments is in the Studio's Saint Anselm line of economy chasubles.  The chasuble is unlined, but particular care is taken to reinforce the neckline with a facing which helps the vestment sit easily and look tidy.  There is no form of roll-over collar attached to the chasuble.  

The Saint Bede Studio

The Saint Bede Studio

Provided with the chasuble is a stole and chalice veil both of which are fully-lined.
These vestments are intended for a priest in the height range of 5'8" to 5'10".

They may be purchased from the Saint Bede Studio for AUD800.oo.  

It is the Studio's policy to sell its vestments to those in Communion with the Holy See.

Enquiries :  with subject line "Saint Anselm Vestments"

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November 2022.