Gothic Revival chasubles

The Saint Giles chasuble
The Saint Bede Studio offers three distinct cuts of chasuble in that form which is commonly referred to as "Gothic".  We will leave aside any comment on the suitability of that term.

The Studio's Saint Giles chasuble, the Saint Benet chasuble and the Saint Austin chasuble are all inspired by vestments of the Gothic Revival.

The Saint Benet chasuble is closely based on that cut of chasuble re-introduced for use by AWN Pugin in the 1840s.  The Saint Austin chasuble is very similar in appearance, but it is pointed at the front and the back.

The Saint Austin chasuble
The Saint Giles chasuble, however, differs from the aforementioned more stylised chasubles in being more ample and flowing.

A distinguishing feature of the Saint Bede Studio vestments is that they are ornamented with braids designed by and unique to the Studio: we hardly ever use commercially-available braids. Several of our braids are based directly on well-known Pugin orphreys.

These vestments can be made from a variety of brocades or damasks in all the Liturgical colours and are fully lined.  They can be supplied with an amice apparel.  Sometimes the Studio produces unlined chasubles in the Saint Giles and Saint Benet forms.

The Saint Benet chasuble