The "Saint Philip Neri" chasuble

This vestment is the Saint Bede Studio's own interpretation of that style of chasuble commonly found in Italy in the 16th and early 17th centuries, and often depicted in representations of Saint Philip Neri. It is the chasuble known to the Council of Trent and its Popes.

The chasuble is of moderate length, but reaching only to the elbows. The ornamentation of these vestments is arranged in the Roman style, being a Tau ornament in the front and a column at the back. This vestment has become very popular with those priests who like the Roman style, but do not feel comfortable in that unhappy form of chasuble nick-named The Fiddleback.

The Saint Philip Neri chasuble is made by the Studio in a variety of fabric qualities, in all the Liturgical colours and is fully lined.