Sunday, 21 August 2011

Priestly Ordinations 2011 - part 4

The fourth in this series of Ordination vestments features sets of vestments  prepared for a young man who was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Diocese of Richmond (USA)  on 18th June.

Father Brian Capuano offered his Mass of Thanksgiving in S' Benedict's Church, Richmond (see adjacent photographs).

Please pray for Father Capuano and all newly-ordained priests.

Saint Benedict's Church Richmond VA (1928)

The ordinand asked for a chasuble in the Borromeon style.  A Renaissance-foliage silk damask in ivory was chosen for the vestments, ornamented with a silk damask of burgundy and gold, outlined with a narrow galloon. The ornamentation is in the traditional Roman style of the TAU. The chasuble was fully lined in cherry-red cotton.

In addition, a cope, humeral veil and dalmatic were prepared to complement the chasuble.  Made from the same fabrics, these are shewn below.  The hood of the cope is also in the style of the 16th century, typically Roman in shape, but pre-dating the exaggerated dimensions found in copes of the later Baroque period.

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