Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Priestly Ordinations 2011 - part 8

The last in this series of Ordination vestments features a set of vestments prepared for a young man who was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Diocese of Ballarat (Vic) in September.

Please pray for Father John Corrigan and all newly-ordained priests.

The ordinand asked for a chasuble in a Puginesque style.  A Renaissance-foliage silk damask in ivory and gold was chosen for the vestments, ornamented with braids in crimson and gold, outlined with a narrow galloon.  The chasuble was fully lined in gold-coloured taffeta.

Ut in omnibus Deus glorificetur.

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Enquiries: stbede62@gmail.com

Father Corrigan pictured during the Ordination Mass