Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rosa Aurora

As Laetare Sunday approaches, we are pleased to feature a new chasuble commissioned of the Studio by a priest of the Archdiocese of Sydney.  This vestment, in a modified form of the Saint Philip Neri style, has been named Rosa Aurora.

It features a variety of complementary colours, reminiscent of the magnificence of the sky at Sunrise.  Thus the base colour is a very dark rose in a silk fabric which has almost a velvety appearance. Unfortunately, the unusual colour of this fabric is not well captured in the photograph.

The chasuble is ornamented with a lighter shade of rose: a dusty pink, outlined with a braid in burgundy and old gold.  A special feature of this chasuble is a vesica or medallion taken from an early twentieth century Belgian Rose-coloured chasuble, which has the words (in Latin): "Rejoice with gladness, be not troubled".

The chasuble is lined in dupion silk the crimson-colour of rose petals.


Click on the image for an enlarged view.