Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chasuble of S' Thomas Becket:1

Every now and then in the Liturgical Blogdom, interest appears in the famous chasuble of S' Thomas Becket, preserved at the Sens Cathedral.  The Saint Bede Studio is occasionally approached by priests seeking vestments based on the striking design of that ancient chasuble.  For the Ordination of Father Michael Rowe of the Archdiocese of Perth in 1994, the Studio did design such a set of vestments.  We are pleased to include some photographs of them in this post.

The chasuble being used at the First Mass of Father Andrew Benton in 2009.
This chasuble is in the fully conical form, which is bell-shaped, and is made from an ivory ecclesiastical brocade. A yellow-gold brocade in the form of a chevron is used to ornament the chasuble, together with a braid in Royal Blue and gold. The design of this chasuble does not identically reproduce S' Thomas' chasuble, but rather is a modern interpretation of it.  The original, of course, is not white, but rather made from dark purple silk.  A second post will describe the actual Becket chasuble itself.

During the Solemn Mass of Father Benton, 2009.

Shewing the striking combination of braids and folds.

Photographs of the First Mass of Father Andrew Benton of the Archdiocese of Sydney, were taken by Dr Chris Steward.