Thursday 20 December 2012

Vestments for a Newly-Ordained

The Saint Bede Studio received a commission from a young priest, ordained this year for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, to make a set of Festal vestments in the S' Philip Neri style. The vestments were made from a silk damask in a muted shade of gold and were ornamented with another silk damask in coppery-gold. A lining in burgundy-red complemented the vestments perfectly.

Father Cooper, having received the vestments, very kindly wrote to us and we are pleased to include here an excerpt from his letter:

The Sacred Liturgy celebrated properly and well (with reverence, artistic grace, and making use of the most appropriate vessels and vestments) places us, interiorly, in a disposition to offer fitting and true worship to God and to be inspired with a spirit of humble adoration and contrition thereby creating a fertile ground for prayer and penance. The vessels and vestments used for the Eucharistic celebration should always arouse wonder in the presence of the beauty that leads one's whole being to adore the glory of the Lord. Your craftsmanship of chasubles and other liturgical vestments truly aids in magnifying the mystery and wonder of the Eucharist – an artistry that gives glory, laud and honour to Jesus Christ, our Lord and God.

I want to take a moment to extend my humble gratitude and sincere appreciation to you, who employed reverent dedication and artistic skill in handcrafting my St. Philip Neri vestments. The workmanship and quality are outstanding, a true work of liturgical art and a profound labour of love. It will be a tremendous joy to employ this sacred vestment on the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord. Words can never express how this sacred vestment enriches the beauty of the Eucharist Sacrifice. Be assured, that each time I celebrate the Mass with this vestment, I will fondly remember you and your commitment to maintaining the beauty and majesty of the Sacred Liturgy.

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