Friday, 14 June 2013

Priestly Ordinations 2013 : 1

Chasuble of Father Dought.
Each year, the Saint Bede Studio has the privilege of preparing sacred vestments for Ordinands.  Happily, this year is no exception. Our first post concerns Father Dustin Dought, who was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in the Cathedral of Lafayette, Louisiana on 8th June, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Father Dought commissioned vestments made from dupion silk for his First Holy Mass, on the evening of his Ordination. The chasuble was made in the Borromeon form and, in addition, a cope and dalmatic were prepared. Each of the vestments was ornamented simply with braids in red and gold, designed by the Studio. The vestments were lined in red taffeta. All present complimented the design and quality of the vestments, wrote Father Dought to us.

Father Dought very kindly supplied us with some lovely photographs of this First Mass, which was celebrated in the beautifully-restored Church of Saint Genevieve in Lafayette. We are pleased to include these photographs here, which are a welcome change from the usual Studio images of our vestments.

Please pray for Father Dought and for all newly-ordained priests.


Procession entering the Church of S' Genevieve, Lafayette.

Father Dustin Dought, centre, with the Assistant Priest, Father Bordelon
and the Deacon of the Mass.

At the Offertory.

During the Prayer "Super populum".

A view of the cope.
The simple hood of this new cope is adapted from the dimensions
of 16th century models,  before the exaggerations of
the High Baroque set in.