Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Priestly Ordinations 2014 : 14

Each year, the Saint Bede Studio has the privilege of preparing sacred vestments for Ordinands. Happily, this year has been no exception : indeed the number of requests for such vestments has been more than double previous years.

This post concerns Father Andrej Naglič, of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Father Naglič's parish commissioned vestments made in the Borromeon form for his First Holy Mass. The chasuble (shewn in adjacent photographs) was made from an ecclesiastical brocade in white and was ornamented with a braid specially designed by the Saint Bede Studio in colours of red, burgundy and gold in the Roman style. The vestments were lined in rust-red silk.

Early 15th century Church of Saint Jacob, Ribno (Slovenia).

Because this is the first commission the Studio has had from Slovenia, we asked a seminarian and reader of this Blog Mr Rok Pogačnik (from Father Naglič's parish) to write an account of this special occasion. Rok also kindly provided us with a number of photographs for inclusion:

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Interior of Saint Jacob's Church.
The archdiocese Ljubljana was happy to welcome two new priests in year 2014. One of them is Father Andrej Naglič. As is the tradition in Slovenia, the ordination to the Holy Priesthood was scheduled on 29th June, the feast of Ss. Peter and Paul. In the following weeks the newly ordained priests celebrate their First Masses in their home parishes, leading many celebrations. A tradition is that the parish provides and gives the vestments to the ordinand for the celebration. 

The First Mass of Father Naglič took place in the Parish of Ribno on a sunny Sunday morning, 6th July. Father Naglič was driven to the ancient parish church of Saint Jacob, built in year 1400, with gothic frescoes from around the year 1500. Ribno is located just a few kilometres from Bled, which is a very attractive town, rich in culture and known for its beauty.

During the First Holy Mass.
The 16th century frescoes  are shewn on the apse wall.

Father Naglič was received by the parish priest Father Kušar, who vested him in a stole at the church door and a solemn invocation to the Holy Spirit in the church was made: Father Naglič knelt down in prayer during the singing of Veni Creator Spiritus. The newly-ordained priest was greeted with two short speeches and then the Oremus pro Pontifice was sung. Father Naglič took an opportunity to greet the parishioners and gave them his blessing. Afterwards, he went to pray at the grave of his father and the Responsorium pro Defunctis was prayed. Father Naglič vested for the Holy Mass and sang his First Mass for the flock of his home village. The Missa de Angelis with arrangements of late Cardinal Bartolucci was sung. 

The Incensation of the altar.

Solemn Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament was held in the evening, together with the Te Deum in the church of Saint Lenart, Bodešče.

Please pray for Father Naglič and for all newly-ordained priests.


The rear of Father Naglic's chasuble.