Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mitres for Australian Bishops

Recently, the Saint Bede Studio has completed mitres for three Australian bishops.

At left is shewn a mitre of 15th century proportions, made from an English ecclesiastical brocade and which is ornamented with a braid designed by AWN Pugin. This mitre was lined in dupion silk of a deep purple colour.

Below is a less ornate mitre, made in the proportions of the 13th century. This mitre is made from linen and is ornamented with a braid of the Studio's own design, but based upon actual mediaeval ornament. The lining of this mitre is of dupion silk, in a very subdued shade of green.

The mitre below is a more contemporary style, made from silk damask of ivory and straw colour and ornamented with a familiar commercial braid. The mitre is lined in dupion silk in a shade of deep red.

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