Saturday, 1 February 2020

Vestments in the Borromeon form

Borromeon vestments
Figure 1.
We are pleased to present a set of vestments made for a returning customer of the Saint Bede Studio.  These vestments, in the Borromeon form, were made from a distinctive lampas in a shade of silver with bronze-coloured woven embroideries. The ornament, in the Roman manner, was formed from the Studio's Saint Columba brocade in colours of red, burgundy and gold, outlined with golden galloons. The vestments were lined in a rich golden taffeta.

The Saint Bede Studio
Figure 2.

The Saint Bede Studio
Figure 3

Borromeon vestments
Figure 4

Figure 5
Our customer wearing his new vestments to celebrate
the wedding of his sister.
Image supplied by Father Thomas Quinn.