Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Vestments: New York


The Saint Bede Studio was commissioned by a young priest of the Archdiocese of New York USA to make two Low Mass sets in the "Saint Philip Neri" style. The attached photographs shew the completed vestments, one in red and gold, the other green. The vestments were made from an English ecclesiastical damask.

The priest writes about receiving the vestments, following his return from a trip to Rome:

Unfortunately, each priest in my house has now developed an affinity for them! They look great, and are being used by several priests on a daily basis. I was thrilled that some of the priests I live with are using them, for it proves yet again that beautiful ecclesiastical work is possible in our day and attractive to the eye.

While in Rome, I scouted the vestment scene, and I noticed that Pope Benedict has had a clear impact on the Church in this regard - each company is delving into the "Roman" style again, yet I find nothing as beautiful or practical for both Usages as your design on the "Philip Neri."

An enlarged view may be seen by clicking on each image.