Thursday, 21 October 2010

The S' Philip Neri chasuble: for the Ordinary & Extraordinary Forms

It is not so often that I have an opportunity to present photographs of one of my chasubles being used, for the sacred purpose that was intended, as opposed to being "modelled".  I am pleased to attach some photographs taken today at S' Aloysius' Church, Caulfield North (Archdiocese of Melbourne).  They depict Fr Gerard Boyce, a visitor from the Diocese of Hamilton (New Zealand) on the occasion of his first offering Mass according to the Extraordinary Form.  Assisting him is the Rector of the church, Father Glen Tattersall.

The vestments being used by Father Boyce belong to the Caulfield church, and were made by the Saint Bede Studio in a very simple variant on the "S' Philip Neri" style,  for the convenience of a priest resident in the Parish.  The vestments are quite lightweight, although fully-lined. 

Click on each image for an enlarged view.


Photography by Dr Chris Steward.