Monday, 20 December 2010

Borromeon Form arrives in New Zealand

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a young priest from New Zealand and shewing him those styles of chasuble which have become known as the S' Philip Neri and Borromeon forms.  These are interpretations by the Saint Bede Studio of chasubles used in the 16th century, based on works of art and surviving chasubles from the period.

The young priest was quite enthusiastic about these styles, not least so because of their being so convenient to wear.  Adjacent is a photograph of the Borromeon chasuble chosen by the priest, which he now uses in his parish in New Zealand.  

We can't claim that it is the first chasuble of the revived Borromeon form in New Zealand, but it is certainly amongst the first, "for nothing is impossible to God".


Click on the image for an enlarged view.