Thursday, 8 December 2011

Refashioned vestments

Sometimes, the Studio undertakes work on already existing chasubles, which might be either in disrepair or in need of aesthetic revitalisation.

One such was a Marian chasuble, made some years ago for an Australian priest.  Sewn from an attractive ivory jacquard, its impact was lessened by a rather unrelieved ornament formed from a very dark blue orphrey (almost navy), outlined with upholstery cord.

The orphrey was removed and parts of it were cut-up into small diamonds.  Upon each of these diamonds was applied a quatrefoil formed from a foliated Cross in the colours of Royal Blue and ivory. The column orphrey itself was replaced with dupion silk in a mediaeval blue colour, and the diamonds with their appliques were stitched to the dupion orphrey, front and back.

As a finishing touch, the orphreys were outlined with a narrow galloon in deep blue and ivory.

The result is shewn in the photograph: to the greater Glory of God and in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Click on the image for an enlarged view.