Saturday, 11 May 2013

Vestments for Ascensiontide

The Saint Bede Studio received a special commission from the Church of S' Birinus in Oxfordshire (UK) to make a set of Festal vestments.

The adjacent photograph of the church shews the altar (arranged for ad orientem celebrations) in a small English chancel behind a beautiful rood screen. This screen has been enriched in recent years with gilding and polychrome work and surmounted by a beautiful Rood Group of the Crucified with the Blessed Virgin and Saint John.

The Church of S' Birinus, Oxfordshire.
Photograph: Fr Lawrence Lew OP

The vestments were made from a lovely ecclesiastical brocade, in ivory and straw gold, ornamented with a braid in colours of Royal blue, gold and red. This braid was designed by the Saint Bede Studio to coincide with the Pugin bicentenary year and is a reproduction of a braid designed by Pugin himself.

It will be noticed that this chasuble is in the semi-conical style. When wearing the chasuble, it folds up from the bottom, horizontally, rather than in the vertical drapes of a standard ample chasuble. The photographs shew the chasuble worn with an amice apparel.

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The Church of S' Birinus, Oxfordshire
Photograph: GothPhil (Flickr).