Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pentecost in Saint Peter's Square

Pope Francis celebrated the Pentecost Solemnity in Saint Peter's Square earlier today. The chasuble worn by the Pope was a rather plain affair, which had been used on certain occasions by Pope Benedict. Its only merit is that it is ornamented with crosses.

It seems a pity that Pope Francis has not adopted the use of the Episcopal dalmatic for the Greater Days. Towards the end of 1965, Pope Paul VI discontinued his use of an Episcopal dalmatic completely. It was used but a few times by the Blessed John Paul. As we know, its use was reintroduced as a usual vestment for Solemn Papal Masses by Pope Benedict.

Procession to the Altar in Saint Peter's Square
Pentecost Sunday.

Procession to the Altar Pentecost Sunday.
Pope Francis is using the ferula of Pope Paul VI.

For the Pentecost Solemnity, Pope Francis was given to wear a new mitre, nicely proportioned and ornamented. The three new precious mitres which have been made for the Pope's use since his Election, however, are all so similar in proportion and ornament, that from only a short distance, no difference is discernible, which seems peculiar.

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New Precious mitre of Pope Francis
first used on Palm Sunday.

New Precious mitre of Pope Francis
first used in April.

New Precious mitre of Pope Francis
first used Pentecost.