Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chasuble of S' Thomas Becket : 3

Every now and then in the Liturgical Blogdom, interest appears in the famous chasuble of Saint Thomas Becket, preserved at the Sens Cathedral. The Saint Bede Studio is occasionally approached by priests seeking vestments based on the striking design of that ancient chasuble.

A priest from the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey (USA) commissioned the Studio to make a chasuble like the Becket vestments, because of his admiration for Saint Thomas. But, for convenience, he did not want the chasuble in the conical, or bell-shaped form, as the original vestment is.

Instead, the chasuble design was modified to the Saint Martin form.  The result is a surprisingly lightweight chasuble, which is visually similar to the Becket chasuble, without attempting to be an exact replica of it.

The vestments are made from an English silk damask, which is fully lined in blue taffeta. A narrow braid, designed by the Studio in an early mediaeval style, was used to ornament the vestments in the distinctive manner.

Posts describing Saint Thomas' chasuble can be viewed here and here.

From our esteemed customer, Father Daniel O'Mullane of the Diocese of Paterson:

I could not be happier with the Saint Bede Studio's newest creation! As with all of Mr. Sternbeck's work, this chasuble in the style of Saint Thomas Becket's vestments is brilliantly designed and flawlessly made; the Studio's attention to detail apparent in every stitch. The chasuble is visually striking, and will profit our praise of God in the Sacred Liturgy for years to come.