Saturday, 23 August 2014

Priestly Ordinations 2014 : 7

Each year, the Saint Bede Studio has the privilege of preparing sacred vestments for Ordinands. Happily, this year has been no exception : indeed the number of requests for such vestments has been more than double previous years.

In this post we describe vestments made for  Father Derek Hyett of the Archdiocese of Westminster (UK), who was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood by Cardinal Nichols in the Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood, Westminster on 28th June.

Father Hyett commissioned vestments made in the Gothic Revival form for his First Holy Mass. The chasuble (shewn in adjacent photographs) was made from an ecclesiastical brocade in a shade of crimson red. The vestments were lined in royal blue cotton.

The orphrey braid used to ornament these vestments is one of several which have been especially designed by the Saint Bede Studio. A Pugin chasuble in the collection of Saint Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, was the basis for the design of this braid.

Please pray for Father Hyett and for all newly-ordained priests.

We are pleased also to include some photographs of Father Hyett's Ordination, found at the website of the Archdiocese of Westminster.

Please click on the images for an enlarged view.


The Admonition to the Ordinands

The Ordinands laying upon the nave floor during the Litany of the Saints.

Father Hyett during the Anointing.

Father Hyett shewn centre during the Canon of the Mass.

Cardinal Nichols giving the Blessing.