Thursday, 28 May 2015

Could Discussion on Renewing the Sacred Liturgy be Improved?

Occasionally on this Blog, articles pertaining to the traditions and celebration of the Sacred Liturgy in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite appear. This was one of the intentions of establishing this Blog eight years ago.

One of the differences between the pre and post Vatican Council II Church is now most everyone has an opinion on the Sacred Liturgy. In a digital age, these opinions - for better or worse - can now be shared quickly and effectively. But being the loudest voice does not necessarily equate to the most prudent one.

Discussing "improving" the Sacred Liturgy of the Roman Rite is a sensitive issue and what is written ought not be presented in a manner which might cause confusion or scandal. A pious woman once gave me a reminder : it is better to pray about the reform of the Liturgy than to write articles about it. Probably both can be done, so long as the prayer informs the writing.