Monday, 25 May 2015

Saint Bede the Venerable

Greetings to all readers of this Blog on this Feast of Saint Bede the Venerable, monk of Jarrow (UK) and first historian of the Church in England.  

Read a little about the life and work of Saint Bede here.

In the second quarter of each year, sewing work here at the Saint Bede Studio goes into high-gear as we attempt to complete vestments for the large number of ordinands who commission vestments with us. The period from Pentecost until July is that time when Priestly Ordinations usually take place now.

If you have enquired about vestments with us and haven't received a reply, please be patient. The Saint Bede Studio is a small enterprise but continues to receive large numbers of enquiries each year. Please say a prayer for God's Blessing on the work of the Studio and the good health of its staff.