Sunday, 28 June 2015

Archdiocese of Melbourne Ordinations

Father John-Paul Mount (left) and Father Francis Denton
after their Ordinations in Saint Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne.
With them is a fellow-ordinand Father Charles Balnaves
wearing a chasuble not made by the Saint Bede Studio.
Image: Casamento Photography/Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
The Saint Bede Studio took special delight in Ordinations held yesterday, 27th June, in Saint Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne. Two of our esteemed customers were ordained priests yesterday, vested in chasubles made by the Studio.

The Rev'd John-Paul Mount and the Rev'd Francis Denton were ordained by the Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Rev'd Denis Hart. An account of the Ordinations may be read here.

A description of each of the vestments will be given in separate posts.

Please pray for Fathers Mount and Denton and all newly-ordained priests.