Tuesday, 29 December 2015

On the Feast of S' Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket chasuble
In a previous post, we featured a dalmatic from a set of Solemn Mass vestments made for a Monastic Community in California (USA). On this Feastday of Saint Thomas Becket, we are pleased to describe the chasuble from this set (shewn in the adjacent photograph).

Posts describing the venerable chasuble of Saint Thomas (which was in the semi-conical form), can be viewed here and here.

The design of the chasuble shewn adjacent is a variation on the Studio's  Saint Martin chasuble, which is an ample but surprisingly lightweight chasuble.  Although visually similar to the original Becket chasuble, there is no attempt to produce an exact replica of it.

The vestments are made from an English silk damask, which is fully lined in blue taffeta. A narrow braid, designed by the Studio in an early mediaeval style, was used to ornament the vestments in the distinctive manner.

Click on the image for an enlarged view.

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