Friday, 4 November 2016

For the Season "Per Annum" 2016 : 6

The set of green vestments shewn in the adjacent photograph was recently made by the Saint Bede Studio.  This unlined chasuble was sewn from dupion silk, handmade in India.

These vestments are in a beautiful, heraldic shade of green, being neither too light nor too dark. The ornament is formed from an orphrey braid exclusive to the Saint Bede Studio and based directly on the work of AWN Pugin. The colours of the braid are red, blue and gold.

This set of vestments is the second in a new range of simple vestments which will occasionally be offered for sale by the Studio. A previous set in the same style may be seen here.

The purchaser of these vestments, a returning priest-customer from Germany, wrote to the Studio:
The green vestments arrived here today. Your work is stunning as ever, even in this simple form. I only dare to call the vestments "simple", because you used the term yourself on The Saint Bede Studio blog. 
Especially, I want to congratulate you on the magnificent St. Austin orphrey braid! How gifted you are, indeed.  Thank you for enriching the quality of our liturgy! I am looking forward to future projects!
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