Thursday, 9 March 2017

Studio Milestone

On 26th March, 2007 this Web-log of the Saint Bede Studio was commenced.  Earlier today, after 10 years, a milestone was passed with the ONE MILLIONTH visit to the Blog! In an age of frenetic social media activity, 1,000,000 visits probably doesn't seem too consequential, but for a small enterprise, such as this Studio, it is an important event and occasion to thank God for His Blessings.

The work of the Studio was commenced in 2002 (an uncertain date) and became a full-time enterprise in January 2008. It seems that over these years, 450 - 500 vestments have been made, comprising chasubles, copes and dalmatics; this figure would be doubled if we include chalice veil, burses, stoles and maniples.

Certainly, our most thrilling moment (so far?) was when we made vestments for Pope Benedict, which were used during his visit to Australia in 2008 and thereafter returned with him to Rome to live in the sacristy of Saint Peter's Basilica. Maybe one day, in better times, we will see them used again.

Our prayerful thanks to all those who have visited the Saint Bede Studio Web log over these ten years. We hope our best work is yet to come.