Monday, 25 June 2018

For Funeral Masses

Violet vestmentsRecently, the Studio completed a simple set of vestments for a returning customer in the United Kingdom.  Shewn in the adjacent photograph, the vestments are violet in colour, the design being deliberately austere and lacking any form of gold ornamentation.

The chasuble is ornamented with a column back and front, formed from a new Puginesque braid designed by the Studio, named Lux Aeterna, in colours of black and bronze.

This is the prototype for a new range of simple chasubles being made by the Studio specifically for Funeral Masses in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Variations on this design in colours of purple and violet will be exhibited on the Studio blog from time to time and will be available for purchase.

Click on the image for an enlarged view.

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