Friday, 8 June 2018

To the Sacred Heart

A beautiful hymn, written in Australia in the late 1950s by Professor James McAuley, to music by Richard Connolly.  It became part of the Living Parish Hymnbook, first published in 1961.  A recording of this lovely hymn may be heard at this YouTube post

Antiphon : 
Jesus, in your heart we find
Love of the Father and mankind;
These two loves to us impart
Divine love in a human heart.
May we stand within the fire
Of your Sacred Heart, and raise
To our God in joyful choir
All creation's song of praise.  
In our hearts from roots of pride
Deadly growths of evil flower;
But from Jesus' wounded side
Streams the sacramental power. 
To the depths within your heart
Draw us with divine desire,
Hide us, heal us, and impart
Your own love's transforming fire.