Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Gothic Revival Festal Chasuble

Father Patrick May
In this post, we describe a set of vestments in the Gothic Revival style, which was commissioned by an ordinand in the United States.

These vestments, in the Studio's Saint Austin style were made from a fine English ecclesiastical brocade and ornamented with one of the Studio's unique braids, named Saint Marie.

Unfortunately, the simple elegance of this item of liturgical art was disturbed by our customer's subsequent addition of a disproportionate and unsuitable vesica or medallion to the front of the chasuble.

The Gothic Revival chasubles of the Studio, all of which feature our unique braids, are designed not to incorporate vesicas.  But most especially we have a policy of not placing vesicas on the front of any chasuble.  This will be the subject of a further post.

Readers may enjoy the adjacent image of this particular set of vestments as the Saint Bede Studio made them.

Click on the image for an enlarged view.