Saturday, 12 December 2020

Gaudete Sunday 2020

The Studio recently provided this simple set of Rose vestments to a young priest from the Archdiocese of Sydney (Australia).

This vestment is made from a dusty shade of rose fabric and is ornamented with a column, front and back.  The ornament is formed from silver dupion silk and one of the Studio's unique braids Saint Edmund (based on a design of AWN Pugin).

The chasuble is unlined, but is faced at the neckline, helping it to sit well and not crumple.   The chasuble is lightweight, has a slight sheen, has good drapery and is comfortable to wear.

This chasuble is part of a range of economy vestments, which we call our Saint Anselm style.

A similar set of vestments in violet for purchase is advertised at this page.

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