Violet vestments offered for sale

The Saint Bede Studio is pleased to offer for sale this simple set of vestments.

This vestment is made from silk in a lighter shade of violet and is ornamented with a column, front and back.  Please note that these columns are attached to the chasuble.  The ornament is formed from silver dupion silk and one of the Studio's unique braids Saint Edmund (based on a design of AWN Pugin).

The chasuble is unlined, but is faced at the neckline, helping it to sit well and not crumple.   The chasuble is lightweight, has good drapery and is comfortable to wear.  A fully-lined stole is also provided.

Violet vestments
The chasuble shewn with the amice apparel.
Also provided is an amice apparel, shewn in some of the images, which may be worn, or not, according to the preference of the celebrant.  Please note that this apparel is NOT attached to the chasuble.  These vestments are intended for a priest in the height range of 5'7" to 5'11".

They may be purchased from the Saint Bede Studio for USD600.oo.  It is the Studio's policy to sell its vestments to those in Communion with the Holy See.

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Detail of the amice apparel.

The neckline of the chasuble shewn without the amice apparel.

November 2020.