Friday 20 April 2007

More Decisions of the Ecclesia Dei Commission

Above are shewn decisions of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, given in 1997 in response to dubia posed by an Australian bishop. They concern, of course, the celebration of Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum. The decisions may be summarised as follows:

1. At a Low Mass, the celebrant may read an approved translation into the vernacular of the Epistle and Gospel.

2(a) At a Solemn Mass, the celebrant and ministers may join with the schola in singing a plainchant Gloria and Credo, without the requirement of reading them together beforehand.

2(b) At any sung Mass, the entire congregation may join with the Celebrant in singing the Pater noster.

3. The additional prefaces which were included in an appendix of the 1965 Missale Romanum may be used at any celebration of Mass according to the 1962 Missal. Furthermore, prefaces from the 1970 Missale Romanum may also be included.

In addition to these Decisions, the Commission attached to the letter its permissions regarding the form of the Conventual Mass which may be celebrated by the Traditionalist Benedictines of France. By this was intended that the form of celebration described may be celebrated elsewhere:

1. If the celebration of the Divine Office precedes Mass, the Prayers at the Foot of the altar may be omitted.

2. The rites accompanying the readings from scripture may be celebrated at the sedilia.

3. The readings may be proclaimed facing the people, whether in Latin or the vernacular and the celebrant is not required to read them or the Gradual chants separately.

4. Bidding Prayers may be offered after the Oremus, immediately preceding the Offertory.

5. The "Secret" prayer may be sung aloud.

6. The celebrant may sing the entire doxology Per ipsum, whilst elevating the Host over the chalice.

7. The Pater noster may be sung by all with the celebrant.

8. The final Blessing may be sung, and afterwards the Last Gospel may be omitted.

Monday 16 April 2007

Mitre of Pope Paul VI

This is a picture of Pope Paul during his visit to Sydney Australia in November, 1970. He is wearing one of several identical mitres which were designed for him, ornamented with embroideries of the Four Evangelists. These mitres were made for Pope Paul by a Milanese firm. The mitre is remarkable for its couched gold thread, running in parallel circles (you can see this in the photograph). The highest workmanship is evident in these mitres and they are of good proportion. Pope Paul left his mitre in Sydney after his visit, and thus have I been able to examine the one pictured in close detail.