Monday 26 March 2007

Clarification on E D Commission 1992 Decision

To place the decision of the Commission on the substitution of an acolyte for subdeacon at a Solemn Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum in context, I attach the text of my 1992 dubium to the Commission. The Commission chose to reply in the manner that it did (see the Decision, below), notwithstanding the permissions and restrictions which existed before the Council.

Ecclesia Dei Commission Decisions#1

One of the reasons for establishing this Web Log was to make available documents about the celebration of the Mass and Sacraments according to the 1962 Missal. This first posting concerns a letter conveying decisions of the Ecclesia Dei Commission. These decisions, dating from 1992, concern (inter alia) the inclusion of Masses for Saints canonised since 1962; it also concerns the Commission's decision on who may act as a substitute for a subdeacon at the Solemn Mass, in the absence of a deacon or priest.

Welcome to the Saint Bede Studio

Welcome to this Web log for the Saint Bede Studio.

Inspired by Benedictine spirituality, the Saint Bede Studio is dedicated to providing dignified, beautiful garments for the use of the Sacred Liturgy.

This is the Studio web address:

On these pages, you will find photographs of newly-made vestments as well as designs for church decorations, furnishings etc.

You will also find postings concerning Sacred Liturgy and Architecture.