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Because the Saint Bede Studio is but a cottage-business, our ability to produce vestments quickly is greatly constrained. Typically, five or more enquiries are received each week, all of which receive careful attention.

When a commission for vestments is placed with the Studio, it takes at least several months for a custom-made vestment to be completed. This is because the queue of commissions is so long. Unfortunately, a more speedy turn-around time is at this stage not possible.

It is a Blessing to have such a volume of work; but this does mean that we ask for the kind patience of our customers.

Before a commission is finalised, there is usually a good deal of discussion between the customer and the Studio refining the details of the vestments being requested. Almost always, a customer avails himself of the design skills and experience of the Studio in this process. Hitherto, after this discussion is complete, a 50% deposit has been made and the customer becomes part of the queue of commissions.

In order to provide a better level of service to all customers, however, a new policy for placing a commission for vestments with the Studio is being introduced. It will apply to those intending to place an order, but whose enquiry requires some discussion before becoming a firm order.

Where appropriate, enquirers will be invited to make an Expression of Interest in placing an order with the Studio. A small deposit having been paid, the enquirer will immediately become part of the queue of commissions, even though all the details of the intended vestments have not been settled. Subsequently, the details will be finalised through discussion in which the customer may avail himself of the design skills, expertise and experience of the Studio. At this point a firm quote for the commission will be prepared for the customer.

An accumulated downpayment of 50% (namely, one small initial deposit and a subsequent deposit) of the total quote for the Commission covers the Studio's expenses in management, design and the purchases of fabrics etc.  As hitherto, when the vestments are completed, the balance is immediately due for payment (unless a special arrangement for payment has been previously made).


For various reasons, the Studio will no longer accept payment in full at the beginning of a commission.

The cancellation of an order weeks or months after it has been made, will only be agreed to by the Saint Bede Studio in exceptional circumstances, not routinely. In such an instance, from a refund of the 50% deposit will be deducted expenses incurred by the Studio at the request of the customer, namely the purchase of fabrics, work on design etc.

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Updated January 2020.