Sunday 28 March 2010

Holy Week in Melbourne (Extraordinary Form) I

We are pleased to be able to post a series of photographs taken by Dr Chris Steward of the Latin Mass Community at Saint Aloysius Church, Caulfield North (Archdiocese of Melbourne) of the rites of Holy Week. Note that a complete series of photos can be found here.

This year, Holy Week is especially significant for the Melbourne Community, since the rites are being celebrated by the Most Rev'd Basil Meeking DD, Bishop-emeritus of the Diocese of Christchurch (New Zealand) and well-known supporter of Catholic Tradition. These ceremonies at Caulfield also represent the first occasion since 1969 that the Holy Week rites have been celebrated Pontifically in Australia according to the Extraordinary Form.

In this first post, the Palm Sunday rites. Mitres used were made by the Saint Bede Studio. The vestments used in the photographs below, however, were made by the firm of Th. Pijnappel in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 60 years ago for a religious community in Melbourne. They are masterpieces of design.

Procession for the Blessing of Palms:

The Bishop distributing the Blessed palms.

The Procession with palms.

The Bishop with sacred ministers during the Procession
(Father Tattersall, assistant priest; Father McDaniels, deacon; Father Terence OFM (Conv.).

Incensation of the Altar at the beginning of the Mass.

Chanting of the Passion Gospel according to S' Matthew.

At the faldstool during the Et Incarnatus est.

At the Elevation.

At the bishop's Blessing.

Click on each photograph for an enlarged view.