Sunday 30 August 2020

Vestments in honour of BVM

Not infrequently, the Saint Bede Studio produces sets of vestments to honour the Blessed Virgin.  On this occasion, we depict the dalmatic which accompanied our familiar Ave Maris Stella chasuble set.  The vestments were made from an English ecclesiastical brocade, lined in Royal Blue taffeta.  The ornament is the Studio's unique braid Stella, based on a design by AWN Pugin.

The vestments were made for a customer in the United States.

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Sunday 23 August 2020

Vestments for Masses of the Holy Spirit

Saint Philip Neri vestmentsA returning customer from Connecticut (USA) asked the Studio to design a set of vestments for use in Masses of the Holy Spirit and, in particular, for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We made this set in the style of Saint Philip Neri.

The ground fabric was a beautiful English brocade with a large design in the colours of red and gold. The ornamentation, in the Roman style, was a scarlet red shade of dupion silk, outlined with a silk braid in colours of yellow and deep red.  The vestments were lined in red taffeta.

The Saint Bede Studio

From a distance, these vestments have a wonderful "flame" colour, partly red, partly gold, partly orange.  They are vibrant and distinctive.

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Red vestments

The Saint Bede Studio

The Saint Bede Studio

Monday 17 August 2020

The Studio Blog

Each day, the Saint Bede Studio receives enquiries from those seeking vestments from many parts of the world and often the first response is to direct the enquirer to the Studio Blog.  The Blog has been designed to be as comprehensive as possible, within its limits.  It has been set up for viewing via a computer screen, tablet (or equivalent), but is not best navigated via a smartphone.

Frequently we are asked if the Studio has a catalogue.  The answer is here .

In the right-hand column (or sidebar) of each page of the Blog are helpful links for visitors.  Some of these are links to important pages detailing Studio policies, how to place an order &c.

Below that are links with images to pages describing the styles of vestments which are frequently enquired about.

After that is a list of links; mostly these refer to posts about vestments in the various liturgical colours and our styles.  These are a good guide to the range of materials and ornaments we use for our vestments and the best substitute for a catalogue we can offer.

The Studio quite deliberately does not have an online store because it is our policy to supply our vestments only to those in Communion (broadly speaking) with the See of Peter.  We cannot ensure this if purchases are made online.  Although this does limit our business, we feel that this is the best approach to our work.