Wednesday 22 January 2020

Ordinands 2021

2021 is still a long way off, but if you are interested in commissioning vestments with the Saint Bede Studio for your Ordination in that year, NOW is the time to contact us to begin discussions.

Every year - regretfully - we have to refuse work from ordinands because they have left enquiries too late for us to fit into our over-crowded schedule.

Contact us now to avoid disappointment.  Please show this notice to ordinands who may be thinking of vestments.

Enquiries :

Friday 17 January 2020

Bushfires in Australia

Australian bushfires
The fiery sun shrouded in the smoke of bushfires
as seen from the Saint Bede Studio
December 2019.
The season of Summer in Australia - since the documentation of weather commenced after white settlement on this continent in 1788 - has always been harsh and unforgiving.

Our climate has become more erratic in recent years, but we have always experienced prolonged and crippling droughts, all-consuming fires and unstoppable floods here in Australia.

Since the very beginning of this summer, large areas of Australia have been devastated by massive bushfires and, unfortunately, this is likely to continue.  This has as much to do with the unpreparedness of government as it has to do with extreme conditions.  Despite certain claims, arson has had very little to do with the fires recently experienced.  Meanwhile, Supporters and Deniers of the various theories of climate change continue to scream at each other.

The quiet suburb of Wallsend in the eastern coast provincial city of Newcastle is the location of the Saint Bede Studio.  Newcastle and its surrounds have not up to this time been affected by fires, but we have had very bad air-quality as a result of conflagrations elsewhere.  Thank you to all those who have written to enquire after our well-being.  

Please pray for all those affected by this devastation and for the Blessing of rain.

The quiet garden of the Saint Bede Studio

Climate change Australia

Saturday 4 January 2020

Silver Vestments

For our first post of 2020, we are pleased to present a special Commission completed by The Saint Bede Studio during 2019 for a returning customer in Texas (USA).  This commission was for a Borromeon chasuble made from silver brocade and decorated in a grey / silver  theme.

This commission posed some difficulties for us in locating a metallic silver brocade which had sufficient suppleness.  After exploring many avenues, the Studio finally obtained a brocade made of silk with metallic threads.

The ornament was formed from a cotton jacquard in colours of silver and ivory.  This was outlined with a grey and silver braid to form the Roman TAU at the front and a column at the back.

The finished product was distinctive, elegant and lightweight.

Click on the images for an enlarged view.