Saturday 31 March 2018

Paschal Greetings 2018

To all readers of this blog and to customers and friends of the Saint Bede Studio, may many Graces be yours on the Day of our Lord's Resurrection.

In a world full of strife, violence, persecutions, hatred, abuse, etc. - all wrought by man - we look again to the optimistic Christian message that God has overcome Death - and all the awfulness, frailties, discord and disappointments of this earthly life - and loves each and every poor sinner.

Christ is Risen !

Saturday 24 March 2018

Red dalmatic for Passiontide

As Holy Week begins, we are pleased to present this red dalmatic, made for a returning customer, and part of a Solemn Mass set.

This vestment, one of two dalmatics, was made from a beautiful European silk damask, being a replica of a Venetian design of the 16th century. It is lined in a bronze taffeta. The vestments are ornamented in the traditional manner with clavi and an apparel upon the chest in colours of burgundy and gold.

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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Holy Week and Easter Notice

During Holy Week and the Easter Octave, the office of the Saint Bede Studio will be closed.  If you are about to place an order or discuss a commission, please contact us without delay.

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Saturday 17 March 2018

Priestly Ordinations 2017 : 7

Figure 1.
Father Hew after offering Mass at the
Church of the Blessed Sacrament,
Clifton Gardens (Sydney).
Each year, the Saint Bede Studio has the privilege of preparing sacred vestments for priestly Ordinands. Happily, 2017 was no exception. It is always a particular pleasure for us to make vestments for Australian ordinands.

In this post, we are pleased to draw attention to the ordination of Father Sebastian Hew of the Archdiocese of Sydney (Australia).  Father Hew was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in Saint Mary's Cathedral on 24th August by the Archbishop of Sydney, the Most Rev'd Anthony Fisher OP, along with another ordinand.

Father Hew commissioned a set of red vestments from the Studio in the Borromeon style.

The vestments were made from a silk damask in ruby-red.  The ornament, in the Roman style, was formed from a brocade in colours of burgundy and gold, outlined with a galloon in the same colours. The vestments were lined in a burgundy-coloured taffeta, matching the colour of the orphrey.

Please pray for Father Hew and for all newly-ordained priests.

We are pleased to include in this post a photograph taken during the Ordination Mass of Father Hew, in addition to another photograph kindly supplied to us by Father Hew.  

Figure 2
Father Hew during the Mass of Ordination in
Saint Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.
Image : Giovanni Portelli.

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Saturday 10 March 2018

Laetare Sunday 2018

Rose vestmentsTwice a year, the Church breaks the tone of its penitential seasons by the use of rose-coloured vestments.  Rose-coloured vestments were never commonplace and they still are not.  Many different colours have been deemed by the Church as acceptable as liturgical rose.  Some of these are a salmon shade; some a silvery-pink, almost mushroom-colour; some close to what we would call Bishop's purple or fuchsia; and some red with overtones of gold.

We are pleased to feature this chasuble set, named Rosa Mystica, made for a returning customer in the United States. The vestments are made from dupion silk and lined in silver taffeta. The orphrey of this chasuble is formed from a floriated braid in the early Mediaeval style.

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Saturday 3 March 2018

Lenten Vestments : 1

Purple vestments
The Saint Bede Studio recently completed a set of vestments for a young priest of the Diocese of Steubenville (Ohio), USA, a returning customer.

These were vestments in the Saint Martin style: very ample.  The vestments were made from a purple ecclesiastical brocade and lined in a deep red shade of taffeta. They are ornamented with a narrow braid in colours of Royal Blue, red, gold and white of the Studio's own design. The distinctive arrangement of the braids is derived from the chasuble of Saint Thomas Becket at Sens Cathedral.

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