Saturday 28 September 2019

Vestments for Sweden

The Saint Bede StudioRecently, the Studio had the pleasure of completing a set of vestments for a customer in Sweden, being our first commission from the Scandinavian countries.  This was for the Parish of Christ the King in Gothenberg (Archdiocese of Stockholm).

Our customer requested a set of red vestments in the Saint Philip Neri style.  A beautiful English ecclesiastical brocade was used, simply ornamented in the Roman style with an outlining galloon.  The lining was made from dupion silk in a lovely shade of purple.

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The vestments seen during the offering of Holy Mass in
the Church of Christ the King, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Image : Mrs Terez Uram.

Red vestments

Monday 23 September 2019

Saint Martin vestments

The vestments described in this post were commissioned - together with a number of other vestments - for a Monastic Community in Brazil. Adjacent is pictured the new set of vestments in the Saint Martin style - an ample cut of chasuble.

This restrained but elegant set of vestments was made from crimson-red dupion silk and lined in a slightly-contrasting shade of silk taffeta.  The ornament is also simple, being a column front and back.  These columns were formed from one of the Studio's unique braids, Saint James, laid upon a panel of brighter-red dupion silk and outlined with a narrow braid in burgundy and gold.

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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Saint Augustine's Church Ramsgate

Low Mass in the Church of S' Augustine's Ramsgate
Image :
Facebook page of Father Terence M Naughtin OFM Conv.
We are pleased to reproduce this photograph depicting the Australian Franciscan Father Terence Mary Naughtin celebrating Mass at an altar in the church of Saint Augustine's Ramsgate (UK).  Father is wearing a chasuble made by the Saint Bede Studio in 2012.  Read more about these vestments here.

Thursday 5 September 2019

New Vestments in the Borromeon form

The Saint Bede Studio
The Saint Bede Studio recently completed a set of Festal vestments in the Borromeon form for a returning customer from the United States.

The vestments were made from a cream-coloured English brocade and lined in a brassy-coloured taffeta.  The ornament was formed from a semi-metallic brocade in rich colours of gold and burgundy, outlined with a galloon in similar colour.

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The Saint Bede Studio

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Priestly Ordinations 2019 : 5

Father Bill Van Wagner
Figure 1
Father Van Wagner pictured during his
First Holy Mass.
One of the ordinands for whom this year the Saint Bede Studio prepared a set of vestments, kindly wrote to us to thank us for our work.  We are pleased to include here a message from Father William Van Wagner of the Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin) USA, together with some photographs he sent us of his first Holy Mass.

I wanted to pass along some photos from my First Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving at S. Cecilia's Catholic Church in Wisconsin Dells,  for which the vestment I commissioned with you was worn. The compliments on the beauty of your work were numerous, with many acknowledging how the dignity and artistry of the chasuble inspired true worship of God almighty. Thank you for your brilliant work. I myself was deeply edified to be vested in such manner as to give due reverence to the solemnity of the occasion. Know of my prayers for you and for you work.

Please pray for Father Van Wagner and for all newly-ordained priests.

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Father William Van Wagner
Figure 2
Father Van Wagner pictured with sacred ministers and
concelebrants at the conclusion of his
First Holy Mass.

Monday 2 September 2019

In Dark Times for the Church

Almighty, Eternal God, by ever giving strength to our weakness, you enable the Church to flourish even amidst its trials, so that when it appears to men to be utterly cast down, then rather does it gloriously prevails.  Whilst then, it accepts affliction as a proving of its faith, let it persevere, by your grace, in triumphant loyalty.  Amen.

A Collect from the Missal of Robert of Jumieges, 11th century.

This edifying image of Holy Mass being offered at the Benedictine Abbey of Downside (Bath, United Kingdom) is from the Facebook page of Father Terence M. Naughtin OFM (Conv.).