Friday 3 April 2009

Rorate Caeli Blogspot

Around two years ago, the editor of the site Rorate Caeli invited me to be a contributor on matters liturgical. This Blog is run by Father Demets FSSP, although there are a number of pseudonymn-contributors.

More recently, I have noticed a decidedly bigoted tone marking articles on this Blog. A low-point was reached yesterday in a mocking, deplorable article about Pope Paul VI, which was posted by "New Catholic". I have made known my views about this article directly to Rorate Caeli.

I would like friends and clients of the Saint Bede Studio to be very clear that I do not support and am not responsible for the Editorial policy of Rorate Caeli. I am a guest contributor. But I will think twice about posting any article on my own account on that blog in the future (Rorate Caeli have taken care of that now on my behalf: cancelling my access to the site).

Please make this little note clear to others who may associate the Saint Bede Studio with "Rorate Caeli".

Those running the Rorate Caeli blogspot have now blocked my access rights to that site.  Presumably those who differ with their Editorial policy are no longer welcome.  Thus maybe discerned the true spirit of "Rorate Caeli".