Tuesday 22 September 2020

Our Work in a time of Pandemic

Greetings to all our customers and readers of this Blog.

The work of the Saint Bede Studio being carried out in a relative isolation, we have been able to continue sewing vestments during these six months in which the coronavirus has raged around the world. We consider ourselves very blessed to be able to continue our work, when others have been badly affected. Without too much difficulty, we have managed to keep to our schedule of commissions, but we have been affected - as so many others have been - by unpredictable international delivery times.

Your Christian patience is greatly appreciated.

One of our aspirations for 2020, however, has evaporated because of the restrictions in place over “socially distant” working conditions. This was our project to make “economy” vestments readily available for enquirers seeking simpler vestments. Unfortunately, this has been deferred for 2020, but we hope for improved circumstances next year.

Each day, the Studio receives a significant number of e-mail enquiries about vestments and related matters. It is not possible for these messages to receive immediate attention.

In this age, we are accustomed to instantaneous responses to e-mails, tweets, Facebook posts etc. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this ethos is not entirely embraced by The Saint Bede Studio.

We try to answer messages within 7 - 10 days.

Please note : Messages sent to the e-mail address saintbedestudio@hotmail.com should automatically be re-directed to our principal e-mail address (see below). It is better, however, that all enquiries are directed to the address below, which is advertised on the Studio Blog and website : 

Enquiries : stbede62@gmail.com

Monday 14 September 2020

Priestly Ordinations 2019 : 9

Green vestments

For a young American priest, who was ordained in 2019, the Saint Bede Studio completed this set of vestments in the Gothic Revival style.

The vestments were made from a magnificent silk damask, woven in the United Kingdom.  Lined in a beautiful shade of blue taffeta, the vestments were ornamented with one of the Studio's unique braids.  This braid Saint Chad is derived from the ornament of a chasuble designed by AWN Pugin.

Click on the images for an enlarged view.

Enquiries : This page.

The Saint Bede Studio

The Saint Bede Studio

Green vestments