Wednesday 30 May 2007

Pontifical Mass in Melbourne

The auxiliary bishop of Melbourne, Dr. Christopher Prowse, celebrated Pontifical Mass at the faldstool for the Traditional Mass Community of Saint Aloysius, Caulfield North (Melbourne) on Sunday 22nd April. This was the first occasion that the bishop had offered the Old Mass, although in 2006 he had conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation according to the old Pontifical. The bishop was assisted at the Mass by Fathers Tattersall, McDaniels and McCaffrey of the Fraternity of Saint Peter.

The Saint Bede Studio had been asked to make a dalmatic and tunic for the bishop, in addition to a precious mitre and cloth-gold mitre. The precious mitre, which was to match an existing set of Solemn Mass vestments, is shewn in the adjacent photograph.

Vestments for the post-Pentecost Season

The Saint Bede Studio has recently completed a set of Solemn Mass vestments for the Traditional Mass Community of Saint Aloysius in Caulfield North. The adjacent picture shews the dalmatic and tunic from this set. An attractive green brocade is very difficult to obtain and we are constantly searching for supplies of the same.

Friday 25 May 2007

Month's Mind

Father Tattersall, Chaplain to the Traditional Mass community in Caulfield (Archdiocese of Melbourne), recently visited Singleton to offer Mass in the Convent Chapel of the Sisters of Mercy. The occasion was a Month's Mind for my mother, Clare Sternbeck.

Thursday 17 May 2007

Conical chasuble

Adjacent is a photograph of a conical chasuble recently completed by the Saint Bede Studio. For readers who may be unfamiliar with this style, its shape is very similar to that of a bell. Consequently, in order for the wearer to use his arms, the conical chasuble must be pulled up at the sides and allowed to rest in the small of the arms. When this happens, the vestment folds upward from the bottom in a manner quite distinctive. Mediaeval illustrations regularly show vestments with precisely these folds. A conical chasuble is not for celebrants who like to wave their arms around a lot, but it is quite manageable if the arms always remain extended or joined. Unlike the more commonly-found chasubles, the conical chasuble must be tailored to the shape of the wearer's shoulders, otherwise it fits very ill.

Wednesday 9 May 2007

A personal note

My dear Mother, Clare Jane Sternbeck, died unexpectedly on 25th April. Her illness lasted less than a day. She died peacefully having been anointed and received Holy Communion some hours before. My sisters and I had the privilege of being with my mother in her last hours.

My mother's funeral was celebrated in S' Patrick's church Singleton by Fr Glen Walsh. He was assisted by Fr. Michael McCaffrey FSSP. A small schola of very generous friends sang the Gregorian chants of the Requiem Mass, which created a consoling, tranquil atmosphere.

The morning was very overcast and threatening rain, but during the Memento of the Dead of the Canon and during the Final Commendation, a ray of sunlight broke through and shone through the Seven Dolours window, falling onto my Mother's casket, just where her head was resting. A beautiful sign of God's presence.

My mother, the child of devout parents, and the product of a thorough Catholic education, had a life-long love of God, the Blessed Virgin and the Church. Her devotion to the Blessed Virgin was expressed by her being part of the Children of Mary in her youth and the Legion of Mary in her later years. Perhaps my mother’s Christian Faith was most manifest in her years and years of empathy with and generosity to the sick, elderly and bereaved. Until age made it too difficult, she had been a regular visitor to the residents of Singleton's Retirement and Nursing homes. And over the last 30 years or more (until the last few years), she never missed a Catholic funeral in the parish, and often went to funerals in other churches. Prayer was a large part of my mother’s life and she kept lists of those for whom she wanted to pray. Another of her little apostolates was to send people greeting cards, of which she sent thousands throughout her life. My mother was always most grateful for anything that was done for her and always repaid kindness with generosity and her never-failing sense of humour.

heartfelt thanks to all those who have offered their sympathy and have supported us with their prayers.