Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Saint Andrew's Abbey Church, Bruges

This beautiful photograph was taken in the Abbey Church of Saint Andrew in Bruges, Belgium around 1960.  A Benedictine monk is pictured at the beginning of Mass, attended by two servers.  The monastic practice of having servers vested in amice, alb and cincture is in evidence here.

The altar rests beneath a magnificent civory or ciborium, the vault of which is covered with golden mosaic tiles.

The lighting of the apse is dim, which does not allow us to completely see the happy blend of mosaic and marblework, nor the images of the saints at the upper level.

Equally magnificent is the cosmati-work floor of the sanctuary.

Is this Abbey Church still in use?  I don't know.  If someone reading this does know, I would be very pleased if you would contact me.

Click on the photograph for an enlarged view. 

UPDATE: A number of kind readers have written to me, some with photographs.  The good news is that the Abbey-Church is alive and well and living in Bruges.

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