Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vestments for Lent: IV

A priest from Trenton, New Jersey (USA) commissioned the Saint Bede Studio to prepare a Solemn Mass set for the season of Lent, comprising several chasubles and dalmatics.  The principal chasuble was prepared in that style referred to as semi-conical: a modified cut of the ancient shape of the chasuble.  The photograph above shews the particular way in which a conical or semi-conical chasuble folds up from the lower edge of the vestment when the arms are raised: a very beautiful effect.

These vestments were made from a Roman purple brocade, ornamented with another brocade in silver and black and outlined with a narrow galloon.  To increase the sombre visual effect, a chevron in black silk was added to the chasuble.

One of the dalmatics is also shewn, ornamented more simply, but with the same scheme.


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