Monday, 25 February 2013

Benedict XVI : 15

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
Pentecost Sunday 2006:
tongues of flame chasuble.
During the tenure of Marini the First as Papal Master of Ceremonies, Pope Benedict was given vestments and mitres to wear which were somewhat avant garde.  The latter years of the reign of John Paul II saw the happy return of that form of decoration which is distinctly Roman and has, indeed, been the distinctive decoration of chasubles for over a thousand years: the TAU.

Puzzlingly, however, with the accession of Benedict XVI, very few TAU-ornamented chasubles were seen: quite disappointing.

The early Benedictine chasubles were all extremely ample and were often ornamented in rather inventive and understated ways.  Certainly the focus was on the appearance of the fabric rather than its ornamentation.

This post features some of these chasubles, all of which disappeared during the arrival of Marini the Second.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
Midnight Mass 2006: Crosses embroidered all over the chasuble with diaper-work
around the neckline and edges of the chasuble.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
A rich chasuble with embossed braid around the edging and fully lined.
The mitre matched the vestments.  May 2006.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
May 2006.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
A very ample chasuble made from a deep red damask: very rich.
Mass for a deceased Cardinal 2006.

Ss Peter and Paul 2006:
scarlet red chasuble with ornament in black and gold: a matching cope shewn in a previous post.
The mitre was frequently worn by Pope Benedict; its medallions are unfortunate.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
Good Friday 2007:
another chasuble of deep red silk, but with very simple ornament.
It struck an appropriately sombre note for the Commemoration of the Lord's Suffering and Death.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
Good Friday 2007, during the Prostration.
Pope Benedict fully clad in a crimson chasuble of noble simplicity.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
Corpus Christi 2006.
A beautiful chasuble of straw-coloured silk damask.