Wednesday, 13 February 2013

O We of Little Faith

Pope Benedict in S' Mary's Cathedral, Sydney 2008
Since the Abdication of Pope Benedict has caught the world by surprise, there is a collective and personal examination of his motives in making this decision. I wonder if there is no hidden message in the Pope's announcement, but a clear articulation in his words, which we may in time be able to grasp fully, but at present, imperfectly.

We are saddened that the Pope has made this decision, but are asked to have Faith in God.  We should stand in awe of a man possessed of such profound humility, courage and Godliness and we should have trust that he has made the right decision.  Pope Benedict's Act will long resonate in the Church, just as will his magnificent Teachings.

Fortunate we who lived through the Pontificate of Benedict XVI!