Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Speculations of this World

Somewhat predictably, we have been subject to all sorts of shrill nonsense in the Media about the Resignation of Pope Benedict and the forthcoming Conclave (yet to be announced).  Cashing-in on the difficulties of the Catholic Church is big business these days for the media.

Coupled with the modern fascination with the Combox, we are confronted with a very ugly and hysterical mix at the moment.  Even Catholic websites are taking part in this phenomenon.

Here is a challenge for all of us Catholics:


This is an extremely important Conclave for the future of the Church and the Cardinal Electors have a real need of the prayers of Catholics.  Let us not be drawn into facile speculation, negativity and that Glass-Half-Empty pessimism which is the opposite of Christian Hope.

One can hope that all Comboxes will be closed.  That won't happen, unhappily.  But try this: next time you read "the latest" piece of media hype about the Pope, the Conclave, the Cardinals, etc.,  leave the computer and instead say a prayer for the needs of the Church.  Pray for Pope Benedict and pray for the Cardinals.  Spera in Deo.