Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Benedict XVI : 21

Pope Benedict vestments
After Monsignor Guido Marini became Papal Master of Ceremonies in 2007, there was an increased use by Pope Benedict of historic chasubles, copes and mitres from the Papal Treasury. In this post, we feature a famous cope, which made for Pope John XXIII.

The Papal Cope was formerly a very long garment, trailing upon the ground.  It was called the mantum. The mantum of John XXIII was worn at the Solemn Opening of the Second Vatican Council in 1962.  It was also used during the early years of the reign of Pope Paul VI.

The cope is made of white silk interwoven with threads of spun gold.  It is also embroidered with gold bullion.  The photographs clearly shew the coat of arms of John XXIII. It appears that the mantum of John XXIII has been shortened to fit Pope Benedict.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments

Pope Benedict XVI vestments