Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Benedict XVI : 19

Epiphany 2010:
This is the chasuble in which John XXIII & Paul VI
were crowned as Pope.
A feature of the tenure of Monsignor Guido Marini as Papal Master of Ceremonies, which has been referred to in a previous post, has been the use for Papal Ceremonies of historic vestments. This has ranged from Apostolic stoles, to copes and mitres. But today we treat of historic chasubles.

Unfortunately we are unable to verify in each case which Popes these chasubles belonged to, but they are not earlier than the reign of Pope Leo XIII.

On a man of the stature and build of Pope Benedict, these chasubles, cut in the 18th century style, have usually looked dignified and rich.

On one unhappy occasion, a completely new set of green vestments in the 18th century style was made for the Pope used during his visit to an Italian city. Please God, these will never be seen again.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
The Veneration of the Cross, Good Friday 2011.
Note how very dignified such chasubles can look when worn with plain albes.

Pope Benedict XVI vestments
Easter Day 2010.

At the throne of the Basilica of S' Paul's-without-the- Walls
June 2010.  The chasuble belonged to Paul VI.