Friday, 29 March 2013

Chrism Mass of Pope Francis

Blessing with the Evangelarium.
We are pleased to present these images taken at this morning's Mass of the Holy Oils in Saint Peter's Basilica.

Again we find a continuity in the externals of the Papal Liturgies between Benedict XVI and Francis, even though the personal style of each is quite different. The altar was beautifully vested and upon it a magnificent silver Crucifix and set of seven candlesticks. A small throne, upholstered in red velvet, belonging to one of his predecessors, was used by Pope Francis and it is a relief that the ugly white chair used not so long ago has not made a reappearance.

It was very pleasing to see, also, that the Deacons of the Mass received Holy Communion from the Pope kneeling and on the tongue.

The music of the Mass was largely unimaginative.  The use of the Missa d'Angelis has really become quite tiresome. Other Blogs deal with such matters more ably.

These photographs are from Getty Images.

At the Altar of the Confession in S' Peter's.

One of the large vessels of Holy Oil which
bears the Coat of Arms of John Paul II.